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EU wifi
EC plans to introduce free public wi-fi

President Juncker has announced plans to provide free wi-fi to all public spaces in the EU, to help businesses and create jobs.

Economics World news
Myanmar sanctions
US lifts Myanmar sanctions

After more than 25 years, economic sanctions have been lifted from Myanmar in response to the nation's new government.

World news
Britain leaves the EU
Can London stay a financial hotspot?

There are concerns that the financial authority of London will be damaged once Britain leaves the EU, potentially losing investment and resources.

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Big Data
How IBM will push Big Data to new frontiers

Global technology giant IBM is helping to push the boundaries of Big Data even further by building new Linux servers.

Business World news
Data security
What can we learn from the UK government's data security flaws?

The UK government's data security has been lambasted in a recent report from the National Audit Office. So what could they do to improve?

Business World news
US ranked as most entrepreneurially advanced G20 nation

EY has released a report detailing how accommodating the G20 member countries are to digital entrepreneurship, with the US topping the rankings.

Economics World news
EC aims to accelerate CMU reform to help businesses

The EC is attempting to accelerate the completion of the CMU, which is intended to make it easier for businesses to access more diverse funding sources.

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AHA Merger with MNP
AHA Merger with MNP Brings Enhanced Technology Solutions to Clients

MNP LLP, one of Canada’s largest national accounting and business consulting firms, announced today that A Hundred Answers (AHA), an advisory, digital and technology services firm based in Ottawa, will merge with MNP effective October 1, 2016.

Praxity news
publish tax information
Multi-nationals could be forced to publish tax information

The government has accepted a bill championed by Caroline Flint MP to force multinationals to declare the tax they pay.

Accountancy Economics
European Central Bank
Eurozone spending slows as exports increase

The European Central Bank is expected to act as a result of the slow pace of spending across the Eurozone.

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