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Bert Laman, Global Indirect Tax Group from Mazars discusses the European Commission's proposed drastic reform of the VAT system.

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The deadline is imminent for the mandatory implementation of new Mexican CFDI reforms (version 3.3).

What a balance sheet currently shows is interesting, but what it hides is often more crucial.

Proposed changes to the monitoring and enforcement of cross-border tax arrangements in Europe have been welcomed by ACCA.

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An update to CPD standards for accountancy professionals has been proposed by the IAESB.


Integrated reporting enables businesses to develop key insight into their strengths and weaknesses, improving strategy and planning for accountancy firms.


Eight per cent of accountants believe automation will have an impact in the next two to five years, research shows.

IT developments are having a significant impact on how Chinese businesses do their accounts.

A new international survey has identified the top concerns for businesses when it comes to filing tax.


New technology and consistency could be key to great financial health for your business in 2017.

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