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The proposed 'Last Exit' amnesty will provide citizens a final chance to repatriate money held overseas.

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The OECD has laid out a rundown of countries that have achieved greater tax transparency.

China's finance minister Lou Jiwei has made several suggestions on how to improve global tax measures.

The OECD has laid out criteria for determining whether a country is a “non-cooperative” tax jurisdiction.

A number of new rules have been introduced as part of measures implemented by the European Commission.

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The CISI claims the proposed measures would help to reduce the risks of tax evasion.

Despite Brexit continuing to cause shockwaves across Europe, the EU has taken steps aimed a cracking down on tax avoidance.

Orange claims too many US tech companies are getting an easy ride in countries across Europe.

Tax avoidance was at the heart of discussions between the G7 recently.

Australia has introduced several new measures aimed at addressing tax avoidance, although American companies are not happy.