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It’s difficult to think of a time without social media...

The war of words between the US and China over Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) masks a shift in policy that could make China more attractive to international businesses.

Rightly or wrongly, it comes as no surprise to find accountancy in the firing line following the publication of the Paradise Papers, the second biggest data leak in history after the Panama Papers.

Praxity’s new secondments blackboard aims to ensure both individuals and firms can enjoy the rich benefits of these capability-building opportunities, as soon as they arise.

Praxity participant firm Aronson has released a report on cybersecurity shedding light on the key challenges firms are facing across the cyber landscape.

Praxity’s tips on getting the most out of a conference without missing out or burning out.

What a balance sheet currently shows is interesting, but what it hides is often more crucial.

Risks and rewards of new data regulations.

The African continent is activating the intrapreneurship and open innovation drivers to address its particular developmental and growth challenges.

Eight per cent of accountants believe automation will have an impact in the next two to five years, research shows.