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Here you can find topical blog posts from Praxity’s Executive Director, Græme Gordon, as well as contributions from other Alliance participants and industry commentators.

From post-millennials to pensioners, it’s what you contribute that matters

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When does a love of something become an obsession? And when does an obsession become a danger?


How do others ‘see‘ us? While it’s absolutely true that ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’, it’s also true that you constantly make an impression on colleagues, clients and other business contacts.

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It’s a battle for all of us to ensure we don’t let our natural desire to take it easy overcome the right thing to do. You’re pitted against the most difficult person to argue with - yourself!

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Would you cycle 200 miles for someone you love? Alan Nesbitt, Partner at Forrester Boyd, is doing just that for Alzheimer’s Society in early September.

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Many of you will know of the saying that there are only six degrees of separation between you and any other individual on the planet.

Economics, Business

Senior managers within professional services should bear in mind two famous sayings when making an important decision.

Business, Opinion

I’m often asked to explain the transition from accountant to consultant and what this means for an individual and their firm.


Can senior managers afford the luxury of a month-long sabbatical in today’s business environment? My answer may surprise you.


What do Freddie Mercury, Roy Orbison and Facebook have in common? The answer could have important implications for you and your organisation.