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ESG -digital globe
Are you taking ESG seriously?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria are becoming increasingly important to business performance and long-term success.

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Mindfulness in the mountains
Feeling stressed or burnt out? Mindfulness could help you reset.

Accounting professionals and their clients are increasingly turning to mindfulness to unplug and de-stress from life’s pressures.

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Artificial intelligence
Finding value in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is supposed to be driving an audit revolution but the pace of change is slow. How can auditors overcome the challenges to achieve practical benefits?

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Challenges ahead
The new ethical challenges in testing times

As the pandemic wanes, accountants and stakeholders will be under increasing pressure to cut corners, warns the IESBA.

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open to everyone
Open to everyone?

New report reveals the accounting profession is far from being fully inclusive

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supply chain image
Supply chain rethink

How companies can mitigate risk and minimise disruption

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Happy team
Virtually Covid-free

Accounting Partners provide a snapshot of life in low-Covid countries

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CFO priorities in 2021

Digitalisation and a new approach to budgeting cited as key ways to add value

Business Accountancy
Staff welfare during a crisis

Looking after your people when they need you most

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Why cyber criminals love remote workers

Remote working has provided an open door for cyber criminals to hack into company systems, putting your company data and reputation at risk.