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Can marketing make all the difference?

As ‘differentiating’ your business features high on the accountancy profession’s agenda, we take a whistle-stop tour of good marketing practice.

New assurance guidance from Mazars
New assurance guidance from Mazars and Shift puts human rights at the heart of corporate governance debate

New guidance helps internal auditors and external assurance practitioners assess companies’ human rights performance and reporting.

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False news
Trust me … I’m an expert

When false news spreads like wildfire, businesses and their accountants can reinforce their position as the guardians of truth and trust.

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Boards need to manage cyber risk

Cybersecurity is an enterprise-wide risk that needs to be addressed at board level.

Human rights
It’s time for business to take human rights seriously

Respecting human rights is set to become critical to a company’s success as pressure mounts on business to be more transparent.

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Financial reporting rules
Experts demand end to illogical financial reporting rules

Almost three quarters of global and intangible value are not reflected in balance sheets.

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The Success Survey
Prying with a purpose

How research helps you understand your business, your clients and your potential.

Medium-sized firms
What challenges face small to medium-sized practices?

Firms must overcome a range of challenges in the coming five years to ensure their long-term survival.

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Human rights
Human rights in the modern business landscape

Globalisation has brought the issue of human rights around the world into sharp focus, and today's businesses need to play their part in driving up standards of welfare for all.

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Gender balance at work
Look inside – you might like what you see

How retention and advancement can improve gender balance in the workforce.