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The Fourth Revolution
Is technological revolution good for business?

The Fourth Revolution is expected to yield a host of technological innovations but is this progress a good thing for business, or does it just increase risk?

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Conscious accounting
Can accountancy be socially conscious?

The financial aspects of accountancy mean that it's a particularly difficult field for professionals to be ethically and morally conscious, as money is often the main driver and the way in which success is measured. 

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Global challenges for business
Biggest global challenges for business

There are many challenges facing businesses around the world, but there are some that are more likely to affect companies than others.

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Global transparency
In search of global transparency

Pressure is mounting on companies to be more transparent and accountable but is enough being done to quell public discord?

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The cloud
Will the cloud change accountancy in 2017

​The cloud has become a lot more sophisticated in recent years, meaning that many sectors that had previously avoided it, have now adopted its technology and are reaping the benefits.

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Big Data
What happens to Big Data when we're gone?

We all know that Big Data is becoming a more relevant part of everyday life, but what happens to your information when you die?

Automation in accountancy
Where have all the people gone?

As the accounting profession becomes more automated, firms risk overlooking their most important asset – their people.

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Gartner's business predictions
Gartner's business predictions for 2017

Gartner has released its predictions for business in 2017, highlighting the areas where innovation and change is most likely.

Robot revolution
Has the robot revolution been exaggerated?

The advancement of technology is important to business, but has the speed or impact of the robot revolution been exaggerated?

Circular economy
What does the circular economy mean for 2017?

Most businesses will be affected by the sustainability of resources in some way, but will a circular economy improve things?

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