Participating Firms

Strength in Numbers

Praxity is unashamedly selective in the firms we welcome to our alliance. World-class talent is expected. Trust is the global standard.

Experience tells us that clients feel more valued staying with their local firm. It provides reassurance. For service continuity, international projects are always directed by local contacts that clients know and trust.

A Praxity Participants Profile:

Upfront in our selection criteria

Praxity participating firms are handpicked for their size, strength and leadership, and strategic geographic relevance. Each is already successful in its own right and highly rated by peers.

To maintain a seamless client service through the collaboration within the Praxity alliance, we employ a few important principles when assessing prospective new firms. Praxity participating firms quality benchmark is high. We view senior-level expertise and local knowledge as critical as sharing the same service ethos and international collaborative spirit.

The Praxity participating firms are all about international alignment, clear thinking and business sense. This is what gives Praxity firms and their clients the competitive edge.

Top quality comes in many sizes

Because one size does not fit all

Because one size does not fit all, firms are invited to join Praxity in one of three classifications: member, associate or affiliate firm. All must demonstrate a commitment to quality, but will be categorised according to:

  • International Strategy
  • Geographic relevancy
  • Excellent reputation
  • Breadth and depth of service capability
  • Financial condition

All firms can vote on key constitutional matters whilst member and associate firms can put forward personnel to sit on the Praxity Governing Council.  All firms can partake in all Praxity activities and initiatives. 

Adding up the benefits of joining Praxity

Stay independent... boost global research

Praxity participating firms enjoy many benefits. Already successful firms in their own right, each retains their own branding, independence and financial responsibility, yet through the Praxity alliance can:

  • Stay competitive, offering a wider range of complex advice
  • Grow long term client relationships
  • Secure new global business opportunities and win new clients
  • Develop and retain employees through international secondments

Let's talk Fees

Best for coverage, best for value

Aggregate fees reveal that Praxity participating firms have a larger combined footprint and resources than many of the largest global professional firms. Finding a comparable fee structure for a group of Praxity’s size will be your greatest test.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all fees are re-invested to serve members’ business interests.

The best attract the best

Want to know more

Unsurprisingly, Praxity is continually seeking and being approached by likeminded independent accountancy firms, who wish to join our growing Alliance. Applications from all over the world are welcome. To discover more, why not submit an expression of interest using the CONTACT US FORM and we'll be in touch soon.