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The Governance of the Alliance

Praxity Is a truly global organisation – an alliance made up of more than 55 independent firms in over 120 countries, with a UK-based executive administrative team. As a result, the processes, policies and relationships necessary to make sure everything’s functioning smoothly might have been highly complex.

The simplest way to avoid such unnecessary complexity was by setting up Praxity as a not-for-profit legal entity covering all international jurisdictions. The governance structure reflects that drive for clarity and simplicity:

  • Praxity has a simple three-tier reporting and management structure ensuring full transparency and proportional regional representation
  • The Praxity Governing Council refines and focuses the Alliance's strategic direction
  • Elected council seats are voted for by firms within the five regions – Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
  • Governing Council members can serve two consecutive three-year terms if elected

The eight Praxity Management Board members direct and manage the Alliance’s many corporate activities, including admitting new participants. Seven are elected by Council members from amongst their number and one, the Executive Director, is ex officio.

When firms express an interest in Alliance membership, the Membership Committee scrutinises their applications and makes recommendations to the Board about their suitability and their membership classification – affiliate, associate, member.

Praxity holds at least one General Meeting every year (the AGM) where all participant firms vote on and approve or reject budgets, major policy changes and high-level strategic direction. This takes place ‘virtually’ – online – to ensure a firm’s location isn’t a barrier to participation.