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Brand new brand, website and digital magazine...

Praxity's new website

As a global alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms, Praxity knows that engaging with its diverse audiences and widespread stakeholders is an essential business function, crucial to helping Participants develop and deliver their services to clients.

And we’ve always been keen for that engagement to be stimulating, relevant and useful. We keep a constant eye on how media and techniques are developing and how that is changing people’s expectations, always prioritising the development of services that empower Participant Firms, rather than high-visibility promotions.

The world has changed a great deal since Praxity’s foundation more than 10 years ago. Technology and globalisation mean the accounting profession needs to change to meet business’s rapidly shifting requirements and Praxity’s engagement programme is helping to lead those changes.

Feedback from a range of stakeholders has been helping us shape our overall approach for the future, and you may have noticed those changes we’ve already made to our digital and printed communications – to strengthen Participants’ sense of belonging, showcase collaboration and achievement and contribute to industry-shaping debate and commentary.

As we move in to the next stage of our evolution, even more profound changes are required – these have been at the heart of our development work this year, the results of which we’re excited to be unveiling.

A purposeful journey to a new brand

The Alliance has grown and evolved beyond what was originally conceived and has been surpassing most, if not all, of its initial goals. But in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we needed to ensure Participants still felt confidently able to explain the benefits of their Praxity membership to their clients in an increasingly challenging environment.

We established a Committee to update Praxity’s brand – helping to deliver its true potential for global success. The project was led by Praxity’s Incoming Chair Gordon Krater and Praxity’s Executive Director Græme Gordon, and involved revising the Alliance’s purpose and position, as well as developing a new logo and marketing materials.

In the face of globalisation and technological revolution it seemed we had much to learn from tech-savvy and forward-looking global companies – like Apple, Google and Amazon – that focused on placing their key ‘purpose’ at the heart of their brands.

Our own new purpose has now been adopted by the Board, and you will start to see it across a range of marketing communications materials.

“To assist our Participant Firms in finding the best solutions for achieving their clients’ goals, through seamless collaboration within Praxity’s global alliance of independent firms”

As a truly global alliance of independently branded firms, we also needed a visual approach to accompany our repositioning. One that didn’t compete with Participant Firm brands, took account of cultural sensitivities and also avoided adverse associations in a very busy sector. Our new logo navigates these issues, reinforcing the modern professional feel we want to project. You’ll see it on all our new materials and on updated versions of existing products.

The rebrand places our commitment to ‘empowering our Participants as champions for global business success’ at the heart of our work to develop the services they need to enjoy all the benefits of Alliance membership, while retaining the transparent independence that makes them best in class.

You’ll find refreshed marketing and information materials in the Resources section when you’re logged-in to our equally new-look website. If you need any advice about using the new branding while we’re finalising the full detailed guidelines, please email

Welcome to our new website!

Feedback not only helps shape the overall approach to our communication programme, but it also draws attention to some of the shortcomings.

Although visits to the Praxity website have been increasing, feedback from users made it clear that neither the structure nor design of the site was going to be fit to support the growing needs of our users or our own ambitious future plans.

As minor improvements couldn’t sustainably address all these issues, we’ve launched a new site on a new platform after an intensive project to review, redesign and rewrite the whole site to align with timings for the launch of Praxity’s new branding.

We hope you’ll notice the major improvements in accessibility, responsiveness, usability and overall look and feel.

You’ll not need to do many things differently, but you’ll certainly notice some changes.

HUB goes digital – and more frequent

Our new digital journal – HUB Lite – is set to bring you more of what you’ve said you enjoy about HUB magazine, but in a new format, and more often.

While the printed version of HUB magazine was distributed at conferences and mailed to stakeholders, interest in the online library of both current and previous editions had been steadily increasing. Our digital newsletters were reaching 29% more readers than last year and unique views of the Praxity website had increased by 56% since the previously Participant-only access to HUB was relaxed and made open to all. All of this suggested a growing appetite for HUB’s new feature-led approach and relevance as a reference tool – something independently verified by the fact that our engagement programme was recently named Campaign of the Year 2018 by the IAB.

Given audience trends and preferences for online engagement and more timely commentary on global and professional issues, going digital was an obvious development. A more flexible format, more current and time-sensitive content and all the connectivity that comes with the online environment means thought-leading content, Praxity updates on service developments and Participant news and views can be more regularly distributed and readily shared – contributing much more effectively to other engagement across the Alliance, and externally.

We aim to deliver our new e-journal to your inbox every 4–6 weeks and you can expect to receive the inaugural edition soon.

Key industry and global themes will continue to be explored in more depth, and there’ll be even more opportunity for you to contribute views. Please get in touch with us at with your ideas for future themes and features, or to share any news you think would interest other Participants.

New Tax Blast coming soon

HUB is not the only regular Praxity publication getting a refresh –  the ever-popular fortnightly Tax Blast will also be getting a makeover, with additional features and contributions from Participants soon to be appearing alongside the regular tax news, in a new format aligned with Praxity’s new branding.