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Praxity gains greater coverage in France

Five firms in the Talenz group join the Alliance, bringing greater regional and industry expertise

Praxity has extended its reach in France with the addition of the five remaining firms in the Talenz group – a thriving French group specialising in tax, accounting and audit & assurance services.

Praxity member firms may already be familiar with Talenz Axe Conseils (formerly Axe Conseils), which joined the Alliance in 2010. The firm recently became part of the Talenz group in a merger with Talenz Group Fidorg.

Now the five remaining firms in the Talenz group have been accepted into Praxity, each with specific industry knowledge and expertise:

· Talenz Ares – construction

· Talenz Comexpert – automobiles and pharmaceuticals

· Talenz Sofidem – delivery platform

· Talenz MGA - pharmaceuticals

· Talenz Toadenn – retail and agri-food

Richard Petit, Partner at Talenz Axe Conseils, said he was “delighted” Praxity membership had been extended to all the Talenz firms, adding: “Praxity is renowned as the world's largest alliance of independent and unaffiliated audit and consulting firms. Here at Talenz, we share the same values of quality, integrity, ethics and flexibility.”

Commenting on the benefits of joining Praxity, he said: “Membership provides access to worldwide resources, business opportunities, quality recognition and the opportunity to represent Praxity in France as an ambassador.”

The Talenz group is the 11th largest audit association in France. It employs more than 1200 staff in 42 offices across France and has eight service lines. The group’s audit and assurance services, including legal audit, non-statutory audits, internal control, transactions, information system assurance and compliance are all branded under the name Talenz Audit.

The group also has extensive international experience. Richard said: “Our team has strong experience serving international clients and understanding the requirements of shareholders and local management, especially foreign investment. We offer a platform of business and legal services with efficient and reactive support.”

He added “Talenz consulting firms can help companies with all of their business issues. Our strength is having a national group while keeping a strong link in our regional locations. What characterizes us is a systemic and transversal vision to address all risks.”

As well as welcoming five Talenz firms, Praxity has also recently been joined by Nwanda in South Africa, Prime Solutions in Panama, Magma in England, and Olistica Business Partners in El Salvador. The new additions are part of a strategy to provide consistent, high-quality services across the globe to help companies do cross-border business.