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Opportunities for growth in El Salvador

New member firm Olistica brings expertise and shared values to Praxity

Specialist consultancy Olistica has joined Praxity, providing new opportunities for collaboration and growth in El Salvador.

The El Salvador firm provides corporate finance and business law for SMEs, combining tailored services with a practical, comprehensive and global approach to boost growth.

The Olistica team prides itself on the ability to “build relationships and alliances that endure”, an important attribute of a Praxity member and one which drives successful collaborations.

Olistica’s Founding Partner and CEO Carlos Mendez Torres is under no illusions about the importance and responsibility of being part of the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms.

He commented: “We are proud to be part of one of the most prestigious associations worldwide. We are aware of the impact that Praxity and its members have internationally and the commitment that governs their actions. Members of the Alliance are clear that the main objective is to provide first class solutions to their clients, so that they can become strategic allies for the development of their businesses.”

He added: “Being a member of Praxity is a great opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our services and even improve them. We will have the opportunity to create alliances with other prestigious firms that are part of Praxity and this will allow us to expand our portfolio of services, since we will be able to offer our services to clients anywhere in the world.”

Based in San Salvador, Olistica provides “solid knowledge in the intelligent and strategic use of finances”. The firm facilitates business processes and provides advice in a timely manner on business law, corporate restructuring, international taxation, financial planning and corporate compliance.

Commenting on the benefits Praxity membership will bring, Carlos explained: “We consider this new stage as an opportunity to innovate in the way we provide our services, by adopting different methods and tools to be always at the forefront of market needs and thus be able to provide solutions efficiently.”

He added: “We are pleased to look back and know that the work done over the years allows us to reach this point, being aware that there is still a long way to go and certain aspects to improve, but with the entry to Praxity, we are in the right place to achieve it. We will surround ourselves with other professionals who have the same goal as us, and between all of us, we will support each other to reach new heights.”

Praxity recruited two firms from Central America at the start of 2023: Olistica and Prime Solutions (Panama). Together, the new members provide exciting opportunities for growth in the region, underlining Praxity’s growing presence.