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Praxity extends collaboration in South Africa with new member firm, Nwanda.

New member firm Nwanda brings exciting opportunities for networking and staff secondments

One of South Africa’s most successful mid-size accounting firms – Nwanda Incorporated – has joined Praxity, bringing considerable local and technical expertise to the Alliance.

The firm has achieved strong organic growth and built an excellent reputation in South Africa, and their inclusion gives the region broader access to the high level of service that all Praxity’s members provide.

We were growing organically and we didn’t want to lose that independence […]. When everyone is in a trusted partnership as they are in Praxity, you can reach out to other member firms. If one of our clients has an operation in another country we can contact a member firm in that specific country for specialist support, and vice-versa.”

Retaining independence is a key aspect of Praxity’s award-winning approach to accountancy and was the decisive factor for Nwanda. Mauritz Jankowitz, Audit Partner at Nwanda, said: “As a member firm, we can keep being us and also be part of an international Alliance. Everyone is really excited by the opportunity this presents.”

Based in Johannesburg, Nwanda is a thriving firm with eight partners and 65 staff. It serves more than 2000 clients in a variety of industries including large owner-operated companies and subsidiaries of listed companies. Nwanda also supports clients doing cross-border business in Africa, Europe and Australia.

The firm offers services in auditing, consulting and financial management, as well as in reporting and secretarial services. Nwanda also specialises in due diligence, and can help clients with mergers, acquisitions and establishing a footprint in South Africa.

Many of the firm’s clients are high net worth companies that are often sold to global players, creating opportunities for cross-border business.

“We can give clients a 360 view from start to finish, including company formation, tax, accounting and full-service support. We can definitely assist clients from bottom to top,” Mauritz explained.

The Nwanda partners are keen to explore networking and secondment opportunities within Praxity. Bob commented: “We are interested in Praxity’s international conferences and giving an opportunity for our staff to go to other firms via the Alliance’s secondment blackboard. Young trainees in South Africa are desperate to gain experience in other countries and we would welcome staff from other member firms to gain experience here in Johannesburg too.”





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