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Praxity expands South American presence with Honduras-based firm, Rogel & Asociados

The Honduras-based firm, Rogel & Asociados, has joined the Praxity Alliance, bringing greater regional and industry expertise.

This month, the Praxity Alliance has welcomed new member firm Rogel & Asociados of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The firm has been operational for over 30 years as a full-service accountancy provider, serving national and international businesses operating in Honduras. In joining Praxity, the firm have joined the largest and fastest-growing alliance of independent accountancy and consulting firms worldwide.

The standard for entry into Praxity is consistently high, with each member firm committing to the Alliance charter of outstanding client service and international collaboration. Rogel & Asociados’ expertise, dedication to their clients and regional experience in Latin America has convinced the Alliance of the benefits the firm can bring to the global picture.

Upon entering the Alliance, Auditor Gustavo Corrales noted –

“Praxity is recognized as one of the most prominent associations worldwide […] having the support of allied firms is essential to ensure the continuation of providing our clients in other jurisdictions with high-quality services.”

Gustavo went on to comment further about what this means for Rogel & Asociados -

“The company's reputation is enhanced by this [Praxity] endorsement, which also puts it in a better position to take advantage of new chances in a fast-paced international market.”

Part of a wider strategy to engage high-quality firms worldwide, the addition of Rogel & Asociados gives the Praxity Alliance further reach throughout the Latin American region. The firm offers the entire Alliance additional capability in their jurisdiction and beyond, allowing member firms to provide consistent, high-quality, cross-border services to their clients across the world. Praxity is delighted to welcome Rogel & Asociados and hope for a fruitful and successful relationship with this outstanding and forward-looking firm.

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