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Walking under ladders

What makes certain people lucky? It’s not just pure chance, writes Graeme Gordon.

More than life or death

True business professionals are like diehard sports fans, writes Graeme Gordon, Executive Director, Praxity Global Alliance.

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Home is where the heart is

An enforced ‘detox’ can work wonders in professional services, writes Graeme Gordon, Executive Director, Praxity Global Alliance.

Accountancy Opinion
From threat to opportunity

Now is the time to benefit from Brexit, says Graeme Gordon, Praxity’s Executive Director.

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Riding the wave to fortune

Graeme Gordon urges us not to be afraid to seize an opportunity in his latest blog.

One hand washing

Whether its achieving success in the Olympics or overcoming simple day to day challenges, Graeme Gordon examines the importance of having the support of a great team.

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Article 50
Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty of the European Union; What is it and what does it portend?

Graeme Gordon reports the clear facts on Article 50.

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Catharsis; Let's not play at it!

In your life, you need to ensure that at least once a year you do something which is both different and satisfying, explains Graeme Gordon in his latest blog.

Sometimes I think I must be a descendant of a Celtic Rain God

In Scotland, they say the rain is liquid sunshine. Praxity Executive Director Graeme Gordon, a Scottish native, looks at the extraordinary influence the weather has on our daily lives.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none

A number of significant milestones have occurred here in the UK recently. One very personal and at least two very public, all of which have got Graeme thinking.