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And then the Rains came down …

Praxity’s Græme Gordon suggests how keeping in touch with your past can help you focus on your priorities.

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Patterns of persistence

Græme Gordon explains why persistence pays.

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Connectivity and confidence is about trust

Praxity’s Græme Gordon suggests that it’s good to talk.

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preparation helps performance
Stratford-upon-Avon, the English Florence

Graeme Gordon explains how preparation helps performance in his latest blog.

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Graeme Gordon blog
The sphere formerly known as 'ball'

Is the ball you’re throwing still a sphere? Asks Graeme Gordon, Praxity Executive Director.

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Never say never

'Never say never' is as relevant to business as it is to life in general, says Graeme Gordon, Praxity Executive Director 

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Getting your brain in shape

The benefits of physical exercise are felt in the workplace just as much as in the gym, says Graeme Gordon, Praxity Executive Director.

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What type of leader are you?

How you treat your colleagues is key, says Praxity Executive Director, Graeme Gordon.

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One hand washing

Whether its achieving success in the Olympics or overcoming simple day to day challenges, Graeme Gordon examines the importance of having the support of a great team.

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