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Today I tied my own shoelaces


By Graeme Gordon, Praxity CEO

Your reaction to the revelation I can tie my shoelaces is likely to be one of three:

  1. What is he on about?
  2. Big Deal
  3. It’s finally happened. Graeme has lost the plot!

However, the reason I want to share my little achievement with you is that for almost a week I have not been able to tie my shoelaces unaided.

I seriously hurt my back in my rowing training last Saturday. In fact, I had tweaked it the day before when lifting my smelly, 30 kilo dog into the bath for a clean but the real damage was caused when I proceeded to train without doing the proper warm-up exercises.  It was my own fault. Nonetheless, it was not only painful but incapacitating to the extent that I could not bend my legs or back to put on my shoes, let alone tie up the laces.

What this has brought home to me, in these highly extraordinary times, is actually how lucky I am. After carefully following medical advice, I am now well on the way to a full recovery. While I may well have to be more careful with my back in the future, I should not have too many, if any, lasting effects.

Compare that to the many millions who have been affected by Covid-19.

Not just the tragic millions who have lost their lives, and regretfully that includes colleagues, relations and friends, but those they leave behind.

And the many others who, having recovered from the virus, are now suffering “long-Covid” which is likely to blight their quality of life for a very long time.

Then there are the countless people who have had other life-threatening issues, but who have not been able to access the full level of care they would normally receive due to the number of Covid patients in hospitals.

Those of us who have, thankfully, avoided the virus, and all the medical issues involved, should not only always continue to take precautions, but should be immensely grateful.

So, for this reason and no other, I wanted to share my moment of joy when this morning I was able to tie my own shoelaces unaided.

I hope and pray you and yours stay safe, and if you have a little moment of accomplishment like I did, savor it and please spread the joy today and going forward.

Remember smiles are even more infectious than Covid!