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Case Studies

Everyone can learn from examples. Here are some revealing studies with lessons from across the Alliance, the accounting profession and broader business sector.

Helping companies invest in life-saving research and development

William Buck is collaborating with independent accounting firms in Praxity Global Alliance to help international biotech companies set up R&D operations.

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Case Study - MNP

Praxity membership has enabled MNP to meet the needs of clients with operations around the world.

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Case Study - Brit Pikuach / MBT Group

Joining Praxity has enabled Brit Pikuach to provide high-end expertise in specialist areas of accounting for international clients.

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Kyiv Audit Group Logo
Case Study - Kyiv Audit Group

Joining Praxity enabled Kyiv Audit Group to deliver world class services to a wider client base.

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Talenz Axe Conseils / Talenz Group Fidorg
Case Study - Talenz Axe Conseils / Talenz Group Fidorg

Praxity membership has put Talenz Axe Conseils on a stronger path to success – both domestically in France and internationally.

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Case Study - Shorts

Joining Praxity helped Shorts quickly establish connections with independent accounting firms worldwide to deliver added value to clients.

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Case Study - VBR Brasil

Praxity membership has opened doors for VBR Brasil to collaborate internationally and provide even greater levels of client service.

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Creature comforts: Praxity conference networkers cultivate new prospects for animal health company
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