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The Saudi Group for Accounting & Auditing (SGAA) Joins Praxity

Praxity is delighted to welcome SGAA - Saudi Group for Accounting and Auditing Al-Jasser & Al-Dakhel – to the Alliance. The firm brings high-quality experience from their offices in Riyadh and across Saudi Arabia. 

With an international background and broad experience of business finance in the KSA and beyond, the firm adds huge value to the Praxity Alliance in the Gulf. Some of their team members have been practicing consultancy for more than 38 years across Saudi Arabia and the region and have a deep understanding of the local business environment. 

Saleh Al-Jasser, CEO of Saudi Group, offers his firm’s reasons for choosing to join Praxity - 

“SGAA's decision to join Praxity was based on a thorough evaluation. Praxity stood out due to its unparalleled global reach, collaborative ethos, and commitment to excellence in professional services. The alignment of values and the opportunity for enhanced collaboration were decisive factors in our choice. This connectivity not only enriches our service offerings but also empowers our team with diverse perspectives and resources, ultimately benefiting our clients through enhanced solutions and global insights” 

Al-Dakheel Economic Studies Office of Riyadh is part of the "Saudi Group" system that began operations in 1982, as the first professional group working in financial and consultancy services. The firm is fully accredited by the Saudi Organisation for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA). 

Praxity CEO Sam Louis offers an insight into what this means for the Alliance -  

“A truly global view is key to the goals of the Alliance and the Gulf countries continue to grow in importance, with internal investments driving change. Saudi Arabia is forecast to grow its GDP 2.5% in 2024 from an already high base, thanks to robust diversification initiatives from fossil fuels and a future-forward attitude to global cooperation. It is my pleasure to welcome SGAA as members of the Praxity Alliance.” 

The Gulf is a powerhouse with ever-growing influence, and to welcome a firm of SGAA’s experience and pre-eminence gives Praxity member firms incredible opportunity in the region.