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Thought Leadership

The Success Survey
Prying with a purpose

How research helps you understand your business, your clients and your potential.

Medium-sized firms
What challenges face small to medium-sized practices?

Firms must overcome a range of challenges in the coming five years to ensure their long-term survival.

Business Economics
Human rights
Human rights in the modern business landscape

Globalisation has brought the issue of human rights around the world into sharp focus, and today's businesses need to play their part in driving up standards of welfare for all.

Business World news
Gender balance at work
Look inside – you might like what you see

How retention and advancement can improve gender balance in the workforce.

Politics economy
Politics on the economic agenda

The irony of timing will not be lost on the author of the article ‘Politics remains rooted at the top of the economic agenda’ (in Finance Director, 18 April), which opened with ‘Foreign Exchange markets often reflect political fears, so the fact that none of the major currencies has moved dramatically this year is testament to the lack of big surprises.’ 

World news Economics
The Fourth Revolution
Is technological revolution good for business?

The Fourth Revolution is expected to yield a host of technological innovations but is this progress a good thing for business, or does it just increase risk?

Business World news
Infrastructure for the global economy
Does infrastructure hold secrets for the global economy?

Will investing in infrastructure further improve the global economy or is it just another pipedream?

Economics World news
Conscious accounting
Can accountancy be socially conscious?

The financial aspects of accountancy mean that it's a particularly difficult field for professionals to be ethically and morally conscious, as money is often the main driver and the way in which success is measured. 

Accountancy Business Economics
Global challenges for business
Biggest global challenges for business

There are many challenges facing businesses around the world, but there are some that are more likely to affect companies than others.

Business Economics World news
Global transparency
In search of global transparency

Pressure is mounting on companies to be more transparent and accountable but is enough being done to quell public discord?

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