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Here you will find a rich variety of voices and views from leaders and specialist professionals explaining how firms across the global Alliance work together to make a world of difference for clients.

Praxity Rebrand

Find out how Praxity rebranded and redefined its purpose to support its member firms in the best possible way.

In it together

People from across the Alliance sum up the difference that Praxity makes to their firm and how their clients benefit.

Trusts matters

Hear what Greg Travers has to say about relationships within the Alliance and how these help to alleviate client pressures.

Leading by example

Steve Amigone showcases a multi-firm collaboration that resulted in a substantially improved tax rate.

Profit and pricing

Hear how Praxity Participant firms are helping clients confidently and compliantly navigate global transfer pricing.

Well connected

Knowing that firms are culturally and commercially aligned boosts client confidence says Greg Travers from William Buck.

Leadership and sharing

David Sayers reflects on the role for integrity in accounting, and how Praxity firms continuously and freely share materials, thoughts and ideas across borders.

Individuality valued

A global accountancy business that’s integrated yet independent; how does that work? Gordon Krater clarifies.

Close-knit teams

Rich in resources, with a shared passion for delivering a seamless client service. That’s the Praxity difference.

Choice is good

Praxity’s Vice Chair Gordon Krater explains the benefit of being able to pick the firm that’s right for each client.