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Thought Leadership

We all know that Big Data is becoming a more relevant part of everyday life, but what happens to your information when you die?


As the accounting profession becomes more automated, firms risk overlooking their most important asset – their people.

Accountancy, Business

There are 50 forces changing the public sector that accountants need to be prepared for.

Accountancy, Economics

Gartner has released its predictions for business in 2017, highlighting the areas where innovation and change is most likely.


Is cloud-based accounting really as good as it sounds?


Could the rise in machine-based services and consulting packages persuade accounting firms to finally ditch hourly billing in favour of value pricing?


The advancement of technology is important to business, but has the speed or impact of the robot revolution been exaggerated?


Most businesses will be affected by the sustainability of resources in some way, but will a circular economy improve things?

Business, Economics

There is a difference between experienced accountants and those coming into the profession.


The Praxity Global Conference 2016 demonstrated sharing international expertise has never been more important as firms face unprecedented challenges in the digital age.